S.H.E – Menstrual Waste Management

S.H.E Safe Hygiene for Everyone

The S.H.E .(Safe Hygiene for Everyone) is a small, fully automated, sterile, sanitary pad disposal unit engineered to provide dignity and privacy, waste reduction and safe hygiene. It utilises thermal treatment of menstrual hygiene waste whilst producing limited emissions and minimal ash. Waste streams are growing with increased urbanisation and access to disposable products. Safe and discreet disposal offered by the S.H.E can empower women and girls, support better health and cleaner environment.

Key Features

• Thermally treats menstrual waste, producing limited emissions and minimal ash.

• Batch processes up to 15 sanitary towels at a time in under 30 minutes.

• Automatically detects when optimal number of towels is reached for efficient disposal.

• Safety features include insulated surface, user standby during operational and automated shutdown.

• Compact design allows for wall of floor mounting.

• 100% onsite disposal of used sanitary products.

Making an Impact

• Provides dignity, safety and privacy for physical and emotional wellbeing.

• Facilitates mobility and confidence for participation in work and school.

• Ensures toilets, sewers and drainage remain operational.

• Delivers environmental improvement when waste is properly disposed of and thermal treatment is effectively controlled.

• Encourages environmental and safety standards for decentralised MHH appliances in public.