Aquonic Wastewater Treatment


Our compact modular treatment system that turns black and grey water into reusable water for toilet flushing and irrigation

The Aquonic is a modular and decentralised Wastewater Treatment Plant that turns blackwater and greywater into pathogen-free reusable water that can be used for toilet flushing and irrigation. It provides flushing sanitation solutions to remote/ rural areas where municipal sewer sanitation are not available.

The Aquonic is suitable for the treatment of blackwater and greywater from septic tanks, urinals, showers and sinks. It is an ideal solution to retrofit with an existing septic tank to improve overflow water quality output. It turns the wastewater into reusable water for toilet flushing and irrigation utilizing biological and electro-chemical processes.

The Aquonic is an onsite & expandable whilst having a small footprint thus it is suitable for both new applications and existing system upgrades, above & underground Installations. It cost efficient as it requires minimal civil works, short project life cycle, lower Capex/ Opex and low energy consumption.

The Aquonic has few moving components, low operational costs and its spares readily available locally thus low maintenance costs. The Aquonic is robust, durable and compact. The Aquonic does not use membranes.

The Aquonic is a suitable sanitation solution for  Individual Households, Community Toilets, Schools, Office Parks, Hotels, Game Lodges, Farms, Eco-Estates, Camping Sites, Public Toilets, Fuel (Petrol) Stations

Revaluing Waste, Revitalizing Life

Typical Installation Schematic


Modular Design

Aquonic 1000 with 4000L Septic Tank

2 x Aquonic 1000 with 8000L Septic Tank & Solar PV Energy System

3 x Aquonic 1000 with 12000L Septic Tank & Solar PV Energy System